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great to have you back. it's early, august 24th. kids going back to school. what else. >> james writes nigh tv choices were willie or a commercial about male enhancement pills. this weekend saw more protests in lower manhattan. >> i was particularly move by this sign, you can build a mosque at ground zero when we can build a synagogue in mecca. not only a moving battle cry but also a very patriotic yarmulke.
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>> welcome to "morning joe." 6:00 on the east coast. it is tuesday, august 24th. that was good. and my coffee came early and the new page did not mess it up. >> yes. >> arianna, good job. joe is a little under the weather or just beat by these trips to l.a. msnbc and "time" magazine's political analyst mark halperin with us. we also have the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haas, great day to have you on. talk about biden's speech yesterday and the president's speech a week away and all the other foreign news going on. and willie? >> yes, ma'am. >> i happen to watch "way too early." >> i don't like divorce especially when there are two little kids involved. >> really?
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>> did you notice he used the phrase lord of the flysy? >> how did you come up with that? did you stay up all night thinking about that? political analyst charlie cook will be here with us as well as robert reich. this story i have to say, i don't know why but i get increasingly more -- i don't want to say angry. that's not a word we use here. that's not something we strive for. but it bums me out, it just depresses me that we are having this conversation as deeply as we are, the imam behind the controversy islamic center at new york's ground zero is speaking out defending islam as a religion of peace. in bahrain yesterday, feisal abdul rauf talked about the hostility around the world. the remarks from abdul rauf who
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has rarely spoken to the media since this project set up a firestorm of controversy this summer came while he was on a trip to the middle east sponsored by the u.s. state department. >> and a friend of mine said the fact that you are getting this kind of attention is a sign of success. we have to strengthen our efforts. all of us have to work on this together. i'm grateful to president obama for his wonderful speech supporting our project. >> republican congressman ron paul real estating into this conversation as well, ripping into opponents of the religious center saying "this is all about hate and islam aphobia. we now have an epidemic of sunshine patriotss on the right and the left who are all for freedom as long as there's no controversy and nobody is offended. political demagoguery rules when
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truth is ignored. am i right to be very concerned about how far this has kind of gone off the tracks? >> well, you are. this is no longer just a domestic american debate. >> it's not, is it? >> we see here, as a political debate, but the rest of the world is watching us. the rest of the world always watches us, whether it's katrina, the civil rights movement. whatever goes on here doesn't stay here. this is not las vegas. it goes out there, through the internet, through satellite television, through tourism, businessmen and so forth. the islamic world is watching, they're concerned about this, what this could mean for the integration of muslims in america. they are on one hand impressed that we could allow such a thing and now it's beginning to shift. the longer this gets on, the more vitriolic the vet rirhetor gets. >> and a step back to the work we've done internationally. >> totally. this then becomes something for
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the mill, becomes a recruiting tool. it makes it harder for local leaders to line up with the united states. the people say why are you lining up a government that allows this to go on? it makes an argument for settling this, getting this off -- >> there's no good answer now, which is the issue. i want to talk more, if we cowl, about the international ramifications here. politically mark halperin, i am struggling with this, i don't see how the opponents who have spoken out vehemently against this islamic center, i don't see how they don't know how destructive they're being. i usually am open to hearing what the republicans want to say and i want to understand it and sometimes i even agree. i find myself digging in and sayi saying, wow, what they're doing is destructive and some of the words that are being used are
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beyond vitriolic and damaging and this is making our country possibly even less safe. >> well, you're mostly talking, i think, about public officials and former elected officials like newt gingrich are saying. get in your car and listen to talk radio and listen to what they're saying. >> i don't think i want to do that. >> the language is bad. from the minute this started, my worry was this would be treated like we treat every other political debate in this country today, polarized where the winners are the ones who engage in the most emtreatment rhetoric. this is an issue that has a national security implication. >> i can't believe they don't know that. i can't believe -- what am i missing? >> there are no boundaries in our political discourse anymore, even in cases where there should be. that's why i wrote in "time" magazine, i still believe the former presidents have to speak out in a bipartisan way. >> i totally agree with you. >> they're the only ones with
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the standing to treat this with the gravity that's required and put things back. the mayor of new york and the president of the united states, these two guys are both in a pretty good position, given their backgrounds and their moral leadership at times in their career to speak out. but in the mayor's case, he's dug in and it's been the biggest proponent of having this facility built on site as proposed. in the case of the president, he spoke out three times, twice briefly and went on vacation. >> mika, as you said, you're digging in your heels on this. the opponents are digging in their heels. even as ron paul put out that strong statement yesterday, his son put out an opposing statement saying, i strictly opposed this mosque, here's why. his dad put out a statement saying he's his own man. both sides are running to their corners and digging in their heels. >> mr. trump came in against it. >> i'm going to call him later and fix that.
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he's already in trouble for taking lou tois the path enthe and now this. we'll have him on to talk about it, perhaps maybe he can co-host. i don't want to say that i'm digging in and i -- what i find myself intellectually having a harder time moving to the middle on this, especially now. because it does seem like we're going to one way or another, have problems. whether it be here at home or internationally, richard. >> but the best thing we can do is get this over, whether the mosque stays where it is, moves three blocks away, six blocks away, it's important that this debate end and the real debate begin. the real debate is a debate inside islam. what can you do to delegitimize and stop the terrorism. >> absolutely. >> that's the debate rauf and people want to have and his wife, daisy khan, want to have. >> do you know daisy? >> yes.
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all things being equal within the context he's operating in, he is articulating, as is she, an american version of islam that is more open and more tolerant. it competes with the saudi, wahhabby version of islam. we should want to grow an american version of islam that is more tolerant. do you believe they were blind sided by all this firestorm? that they had no idea this was coming. >> i think they were unprepared for it. >> i completely agree with you. do you think former presidents should stand by obama's side on this? >> george w. bush more than any person could create space for this. >> yes, he could. voters in four states head to the polls to choose candidates for the november elections.
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in florida, congressman kendrick meek is up against billionaire investor jeff greene for the democratic senate nomination and according to a new quinnipiac poll, meek holds a ten-point lead over greene. the winner will make marco rubio and charlie crist. a three-way matchup for the november race shows crist with an edge over rubio and resounding lead over kendrick meek. and in alaska, murkowski is pulling ahead of attorney joe miller who is endorsed by former governor sarah palin. and in arizona, polls snow senator john mccain with a 20-point lead over former congressman j.d. hayworth. but at what cost? both candidates talked about how this has been a costly campaign for mccain. >> i have faced a lot of tough challenges in my life and some a lot harder than this one.
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you have to take every challenge seriously, work hard, get out the vote and earn every vote, not take anything for granted. >> were you surprised when you looked at the numbers that that's what it took to beat j.d. hayworth? >> no. >> okay, great. >> thanks. good to see you. >> here is mr. campaign finance reform who used to lecture us about the evil of big money spending $21 million trying to buy this election. and the election is not going to be bought, the people of arizona are not going to be bought. i don't think they want a ridiculously expensive impersonation of a conservative. mr. mccain's $21 million con job. i think they want a consistent conservative. that's why we're posed to make political history. >> okay. >> mccain wins that pretty easily, don't you think. >> it looks that way. i like to let the voters decide.
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>> come on, halperin. you're making me tired. >> if john mccain hired the kind of people he hired and run the disciplined effort he's run against obama, do the same against hayworth, he'd be president of the united states today. >> how does florida shake out? it looks like kendrick meek survives there. >> if he's going to have a chance in this, in this weird three-way race, he'll have to win the primary and tonight send a message about recapturing the democratic vote. very tough for him because charlie crist has long had a feel for a lot of democrats. chris is better known and better funded. meek is likely to win this primary but he's a tall, tall challenge to be competitive. >> and the best thing greene has going for him is that mike tyson was the best man in his wedding. >> who knows that.
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you, willie. >> for a while he was associated with heidi fleiss and he collapsed by getting lindsay lohan in the picture. >> what are you talking about? >> this is all true, he hangs out with lindsay lohan. >> who does? >> senator greene. >> look, in both the senate race and in the republican gubernatorial primary, really rich guys who have never run before had spent millions trying to get their names out there. both of them were ahead in the polls, the establishment came back and it looks like right now, at least according to the polls that the two career politicians will win the primaries. >> let's let the voters decide. i've decided you're right. and rather than listen to you two, we'll have norah o'donnell joining us at 6:30. >> get real reporting on site? >> yes, real reporting, real information and no mike tyson and lindsay lohan. >> i bet she brings them up. >> how much do you want to bet, a bottle of vodka?
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>> e-mail her. >> don't you dare. big story. in a setback for the obama administration, a federal judge temporarily blocked federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research. in his ruling yesterday, the washington judge said the research involved the destruction of embryos which congress has outlawed. in march of 2009, president obama signed an executive order reversing a ban put in place by the bush administration in 2001. after that, the national institutes of health issued new guidelines permitting federal funding for research on certain stem cell lines that had already been created. remember that? the justice department is now reviewing that decision. that's fairly shocking to those involved with this. >> all the scientists involved say they're stunned. they don't know what it means as a practical matter, whenever law and science intersect, things can get confusing. people in labs today will have to make decisions about how to proceed. they're hoping for more clarification from the court and the justice department. >> and chaos.
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for those trying to make steps forward, we'll talk about this more coming up. but it's on the front page of all the papers. and it does seem like a pretty stunning turn. coming up, an exclusive first look inside the politico playbook. also for the first time since she lost her job, shirley sherrod is meeting the man who fired her. secretary tom vilsack gets a story making front-page news as well. plus, a rookie pitcher nearly causes a brawl. that's ahead in sports. first, the storm in the atlantic is now a category 2 hurricane. let's go to bill karins with the latest. good morning, everyone. as mika mentioned, 100 mile-per-hour winds. thankfully this does not have its sights set on any land areas. the only exception possibly is bermuda up here. that's going to be in bermuda by about sunday. here's the official forecast from the hurricane center. they had it becoming a category 3 by tomorrow morning.
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by the time we get to friday and saturday, that milwaukees its closest approach to the east coast of the u.s. the only affects would be larger waves, good for the surfers. bermuda, that's the question mark. we'll watch that closely as we head towards the upcoming weekend. forecast-wise, it's another gloomy fall day down to dc. expect clouds and showers. i've even heard some reports that leaves are beginning to change in northern new england in some areas. rain for tampa, scattered showers on and off today, orlando and miami. forecast-wise, texas begins to finally cool it off. 99 in dallas. tomorrow should be near 90. beautiful weather in the ohio valley, chicago, kansas city. look at our friends on the west coast, record high expected in san francisco. you're watching "morning joe." brewed by starbucks. listen up, people, volkswagen is at it again
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a muslim had the gal to walk through the crowd. luckily, alert patrons immediately shouted him down. and just listen to him to respond by spewing his muslim hate speech. >> i want no trouble. i'm not even muslim. >> technically it turns out he's not a muslim. he's just a guy named kenny and he's one of the carpenters building the new world trade center. >> i mean, seriously.
6:21 am
willie, why are we playing into this? we have to really work hard. everyone should read the paper. i'm just saying. read -- please, i beg you. i beg you. let's take a look at the morning paper. we'll read them for you. "washington times," tuesday marks the final major test of tea party power in the primaries as challengers try to capitalize on anti-incumbent sentiment in alaska, arizona and florida. "boston globe" mitt romney embarking on a schedule that will take him to 25 states. may be a prelude to another possible white house bid. >> interesting. "atlanta journal constitution," shirley sherrod will meet with agriculture secretary tom vilsack for the first time he called for her recognition a month ago. she's in washington, considering whether to accept a new job in the agency. keep in mind that moment she describes when she's driving and
6:22 am
has to pull over and on the phone she gets fired. >> resign on the blackberry. pull over. "usa today," is the seafood safe? the opening of white shrimp season last week marked a major milestone for the gulf. >> "wall street journal" and cash strapped new york, the state is using an obscure tax law to crack down on bagel shops. >> what? >> turns out the sale of whole bagels, richard, is not subject to sales tax. >> what? >> wait, it gets better. this is why you need to read the paper. but stores are required to add tax if the bagel is sliced or is prepared with cream cheese. >> i never knew that. >> there you go. >> so many ways we could take this story. >> so many ways you can slice it. i'm sorry. i shut up right now. i'll be quiet. >> the big story today in charleston, west virginia.
6:23 am
due to a quirky state law and the special election to fill robert byrd's senate seat, alcohol sales will be halted statewide on saturday. >> i don't get it. >> no drinking on election day. >> why? >> it seems like the day you'd really want to drink. >> that's funny on a number of levels. >> drown your sorrows. i don't know. >> good stories. >> with us now, the editor in chief of politico, mr. john harrison. >> ask him if he drinks on election day. >> do you drink on election day. >> drink what. >> moon shine. we're talking west virginia here. >> no, got to be clear thinking on election day. >> that's good. >> water only. no coffee even. a lot of races today. >> let's talk first about house minority leader john boehner. he's giving a big economic speech this morning and trying to really frame the tax debate. >> that's right, willie. he's out in cleveland giving the big speech at the cleveland --
6:24 am
not the cleveland economic club. that's in detroit. what he's trying to do, this is another stop on his tour to try to get us to take seriously the idea of speaker boehner. as mark halperin knows, the way to win, so this is john boehner who's known more of a back room kind of guy who says, i do have serious economic ideas to share, they emphasize primarily tax cuts. and the message he's going to give is republicans are better for small business, which is needed to revive the economy. democrats, i don't know if anyone else is taken seriously but democrats on the hill are taking this seriously, shining all kinds of attention on the speech today. they think it's a great way to get what they want, which is a contrast between president obama and republicans, giving a face to the republican party. they think john baner is not a terribly attractive face for
6:25 am
them. >> mark halperin, the bush tax cuts, the expiration or not at the end of this year will be a big issue in the fall. do the republicans win on that? >> right now they've got the upper hand on it. democrats haven't figured out a way out to avoid the republican mantra, don't raise taxes in the midst of hard times. i think democrats thought they'd be on the offensive on this issue. right now they're not. political insiders tell me it's not today. >> you are so sharp. >> you are full of it. >> there's primaries in vermont and alaska. >> really? >> and arizona. >> thanks, halperin. stop bringing so much to the table. you're making us all look bad. >> i read the paper. >> he's going to let the voters speak. one guy on the ballot, ben quayle, the son of former vice president dan quayle. he got help, last-minute help before the primary today. >> yes, he did.
6:26 am
he got help from the old man. on halperin, that's a classic halperin prediction. i've heard dozens over the years. there's always an escape hatch. ben quayle is trying to continue the quayle legacy with an open primary. down in arizona. it's a ten-way. but he's obviously the famous name in the race. he got caught up in controversy late in the campaign because it turned out a few years ago as a younger man, he's only 33 now, he was posting to a website known as dirtyscottsdale, that's now for those of you who go there with racy messages. he said he didn't have involvement with it. turned out not to be true. he sort of stayed in the background, dan quayle, he's now stepping out, sending e-mail to quayle supporters saying this is a smear campaign, it's no fair, come out and vote for my son in the primary. >> john, he's been strong in his ads coming out against barack obama, calling him the worst president in american history in
6:27 am
one of the ads. if he wins, is that a theme we'll likely to see going forward? >> there's no question in certain districts, this one in arizona is a classic. example of it where running purely against barack obama is a winning message. in other places it's clearly not. >> politico's john harris, thanks so much. we'll be checking out politico and all morning long. coming up next, would you rather be president of the united states or play one on tv? coming up, americans reveal their dream jobs. and you thought your morning commute was bad? we'll show you -- >> oh, my gosh. >> it's being called the worst traffic jam in the history of the world. it lasted more than a week. that's next on "morning joe." ♪
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on this tuesday morning. welcome back to "morning joe." almost 22 past the hour. vice president joe biden pledging a "long-term relationship with iraq, even after all u.s. forces leave the country next year." speaking to a veterans group said, biden said the obama administration is committed to a final troop withdrawal deadline of summer 2011. >> we are not leaving in 2011. we are beginning the transition. and why the date? the date is as important to the iraqis, because we want to make clear to them, they must step up. they must, they must exercise sovereign sovereignty, if they're ever going to prevail. >> the number of u.s. troops in iraq has fallen below 50,000 for the first time since the 2003 u.s.-led invasion. in a statement this morning, the
6:33 am
u.s. military said american forces will no longer conduct combat operations in the country but instead train iraqi troops. the official transition to "operation new dawn" will happen at the end of the month as mandated by president obama. good day to have the president of the council of foreign relations here, richard haas. obviously what they're trying to say, among other things, by no means is this mission accomplished. >> right. i would go beyond what the vice president said, the relationship's going to continue with iraq but also the u.s. troop presence is going to continue. if and when there's a new iraqi government, i would predict we would negotiate a new long-term arrangement under which u.s. forces will stay. whether it's 20,000, 30,000 u.s. forces will stay in iraq for years to come to try to limit the iranian presence in the country and influence, just to try to introduce an element of stability, so no sort of civil war starts up again. one question is, will we get the iraqis to pay for it? can we afford to do it? simply we've invested too much in iraq over the last decade to
6:34 am
simply leave. u.s. forces are going to stay. this will be renegotiated with a new iraqi government. >> these things are also, you can't control whether or not there is a setback. violence, whatever. i mean, how do they -- is the white house and the decision here and the commanders in charge prepared for setbacks? >> yes. that's one of the reasons they're avoiding saying mission accomplished. we may rename the units we're keeping in iraq but the capabilities don't go away. we may say advise and assist but these are combat brigades. these troops can transition from training to combat if they have to. >> a new poll finds 32% of americans say being an actor or actress is their dream job. next on the list is being a professional athlete with 29%. just 13% said they dreamed of being president of the united states. the same number fantasized about being a rock star.
6:35 am
willie, where do you stand on that? >> i'm living my dream. television show at 5:30 in the morning. i wake up in the darkness and walk through the night as a zombie. >> you never see your kids. >> exactly. it's all downhill from here. >> he's recognized on the 30 rock tour. people see him. >> really, that doesn't happen to me? >> they say there's jimmy fallon's sidekick. >> exactly. >> let me just tell you, you joke, willie. i make a bet right now with everybody on this set that this man, he's going to -- this is just the beginning. >> he's going some place? >> big time. >> i'm happy right here. >> and as you're getting ready for your commute this morning, be glad you're not taking the on ramp to the beijing/tibet highway. where are we getting this news, what's going on? commuters in china were stuck in an epic traffic jam for nine days due to road construction,
6:36 am
traffic accidents and breakdowns. roadside vendors reportedly quadruple d the price of food. we did fantasy jobs, then the world's biggest traffic jam. chris, seriously? joe's not here. which means you're in even bigger trouble. what's that, your -- is grass? i think it rhymes. >> you're like robin meade. >> what? >> when is traffic returning to normal? what is normal traffic in china. >> it's like an episode of "headlines news." >> the news or the language? let's start with sports now. thanksgiving night, a little accident, led to revelations that tiger woods was, you know, well, doing his thing.
6:37 am
>> here's the deal. can i say something? >> he and nordegren are officially divorced now. a judge finalized the hearing in only ten minutes. the terms of the divorce were not disclosed except that they will share parenting of the two kids. afterward tiger and elin released a statement that read in part "we're sad our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future." she also asked to have her maiden name restored, losing the woods from her life. >> according to "forbes," tiger's net worth is upwards of $600 million. there's not an official word of how much of that goes to elin. apparently she did tremendously well and i think i know she did, because her firm is maguire woods, my brother's firm and there's no way they didn't do well. i'm just saying. >> they said she had eight
6:38 am
lawyers. >> they definitely did well. you know what, it's not a replacement for the loss of her family and everything she's been through but she did get the right representation. >> she did. you'll be interested to know that jamie jungers has weighed in on that. >> who is that? >> one of tiger's gals. now that tiger's single he's going to be out there twice as much. she looks forward to that. >> let's just move on. i love the red sox. >> to baseball, the boston red sox have claimed johnny damon off waivers. he signed with the detroit tigers at the start of the season had until tomorrow to waive his no-trade clause if he wants to go back to fenway park. he was one of the heroes of the 2004 red sox world series championship team. he drew the ire of boston fans the next year when he signed a five-year deal with the hated yankees. damon said my gut and everything else tells me that detroit is the place for me. so we'll see if he ends up in
6:39 am
boston or detroit. meanwhile, the yankees trying to keep their slim one-game lead over the rays in that east. pitching prospect nova making his major league debut, he's been tearing up the minor leagues. he gets a welcome to the majors by jose bautista. a two-run shot but the jays up two runs in the sixth. look at the kid coming up and in on batista, backing him in off the plate. batista does not like it. he has words for the rookie. get a warning from the umpire, both benches. the rookie jawing back at batista. you like to see that. >> the pitch wasn't that close. >> relax. it's canada. in the eighth inning, facing reliever david robinson, batista goes one more time, his second home run of the game, a two-run shot to give the jays a 3-2 win. the yankees are tied with the rays for the lead in the a.l. east. the rays won, the red sox also won. the rays are only 5 1/2 back.
6:40 am
>> red sox. >> excuse me. red sox. >> translation? >> yes, very nice. >> exactly. the "miami herald" is reporting a record number of early voters already participating in florida's closely watched senate and gubernatorial races. a live report from miami from norah o'donnell, that's next on "morning joe."
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he does not want to talk about his record. that's why he wants to keep talking about the side show issues, who i knew and who i didn't know. >> doesn't say anything about your character, some of the company you keep. >> if i let someone sleep on our boat for two nights, i don't think that's what's important. the people of florida are suffering. >> okay, let's get to these elections at 44 past the hour. joining us from miami, what she's covering is florida primaries, msnbc chief washington correspondent, norah o'donnell. kendrick meek up by a few points. a lot of things shifting in this election.
6:45 am
what are you hearing on the ground there. >> reporter: first of all, this is going to be a record-breaking primary election here in florida. not only because of the millions of dollars spent by self-funders in this race but also the record turnout. "the miami herald" this morning reporting that early voting is up 40% from 2006. you know what happened in the 2000 debacle, they made changes in florida. you can now vote early. 361,000 floridians have voted early. that may affect things. the senate primary race is between on the democratic side, between jeff greene, that self-funded and self-made billionaire who's poured about $30 million of his own money in the race, who has that relationship with some people of questionable character. he's down ten points in the polls to kendrick meek, the congressman running for that. here's what's interesting about that race. i've been talking to democrats in washington about that race.
6:46 am
why? because whoever wins the democratic nomination has a very, very tough chance of winning that election. if kendrick meek wins, he's going to be the only credible african-american senate nominee in the country. can the democrats in washington just abandon him? not help fund him, give him any money? i talked to democrats who said, look, we have a finite number of resources. he may be a giant killer getting rid of this ballary jeff green. his negatives are way up. he's spent all the money he has and they may not be able to pour money into this race, there embassy by, handing it probably to charlie crist who has said or has indicated i should say rather, his people have indicated, that he would caucus with the democrats in the united states senate. that's the gamble, the conundrum the democrats are playing with. >> mark halperin? >> there's been focus on personality and tactics, the strategy of the general election. are there any policy differences
6:47 am
between greene and meek? have they had any debate on substance? >> reporter: there's been very little difference in terms of on substance other than jeff greene says that kendrick meek is an insider, a corrupt politician who's been in congress for eight years. who hasn't managed to pass a single bill while he's in congress, has proposed 77 but hasn't been able to pass one. other than that, there's not been a huge debate in terms of substance and difference between the two candidates, mark. again, you're right. it's not very much about policy. it's about personality. and the personalities that jeff greene has surrounded with and quite frankly, kendrick meek. jeff green has been trying to make the case that kendck meek is corrupt. >> norah, before you go, how is charlie crist hanging in all of this. >> reporter: he's hanging tough in terms of fund-raisers and growing his war chest for the november election.
6:48 am
i think there's a sense he'd probably rather have jeff greene of the democratic nominee, that means charlie crist could get more of the democratic votes, as he's running as an independent. one thing to watch for as we look at the results is how kendrick meek did among african-american voters. this democratic primary's a crucial test for how the party can do, whether they can turn out hispanics and blacks. that will be key in november. there's a lot of democrats in washington i talked to that wouldn't be upset if charlie crist ended up winning this thing in november. like i said, he'll probably caucus with the democrats. and all they want to do is make sure that they can keep a majority in the senate. >> and an independent win is the story within itself, even if he made the move politically and for winning. just really quickly before you go, norah, we're engaged in this race, we find it interesting for a many reasons, the political connection, joe's from florida and we know the candidates.
6:49 am
are people engaged in the dynamics you're talking about? are you hearing people get excited about this? >> i think because there's been a lot of money poured into this race, the gubernatorial race on the republican side has been a hot race between congressman bill mccollum who spent 20 years in congress. haley barbour is the head of the rga. guess where he's going to be tonight at a victory party? he's going to be with bill mccollum. rick scott has tried to run as the outsider but a lot of people, i think here in florida are turned off by all the money that's been spent. >> wow. norah o'donnell, live in miami. thank you so much. we'll see you soon on the show here. looking ahead to tomorrow, bradley cooper, thomas freedman, al sharpton and jeff zucker will be here. what a show we have coming up. willie, try and top that. what garbage do you have talking about next. >> i do have garbage.
6:50 am
we're talking about the "jersey shore." there's a new quinnipiac poll that tests how the american people feel about the "jersey shore." >> what is going on? >> i don't know. and blago on "the daily show" last night didn't acquit himself terribly well. >> oh, why, did he get asked some questions? >> he did. >> that's not good. that's not good. >> be right back. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
6:51 am
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6:54 am
oh, god, please tell me it's time. >> news you can't use. rod blagojevich we hear now retrial at the beginning of next year. he was on "the daily show" last night, blago v. stewart we're calling this one. >> this should be good. >> when blago was on e show a year ago, he assured jon stewart, once the tapes were public, it would be clear that there would be nothing wrong. now that we've heard the tapes, jon stewart pressed him on that question. >> you said to me, if you could only hear the tape, you'd see the next thing i'm saying is, orphans just need food. the reality of what you said is very different. >> no, it's not. on that very tape -- >> you don't say later in the
6:55 am
tape. you say right after that. >> shortly after the fuller discussion. hold on a minute. you haven't heard the tapes. >> is this why you didn't take the stand? >> no, jon. >> when they started putting their case on in less than six weeks they rested, my lawyer said hold on a minute. like we said, there was no crime here. they didn't prove a crime. there's no corruption and, therefore, you need to think about resting the case. >> i would like to see you as a dickens character. i would like to see you as a victim. but you make it so hard. to take your side completely. >> i understand. >> by not doing that. >> i'll have a chance again in the next trial. >> what do you want me to say? >> you're saying to me, don't worry, they'll try me again and this time i'm really going to get up there. >> there you go. jon stewart said i really want to believe you're not a sociopath. i'm having trouble doing it. >> yes. that's perfect. >> more nonsense. how about "jersey shore"?
6:56 am
sign of the times, right. >> no. >> the situation, a new report reveals that the situation will make $5 million this year. >> i'm trying to have breakfast. seriously. >> this proves the official hypothesis is wrong. >> markets are flawed. appearance fees, endorsements, gym videos, vitamin water. 5 million bucks for the situation. very popular show. >> he's starting to eat grape nuts. i'm going to be sick. $5 million? >> new poll, quinnipiac usually gives you the insight on politics and whatnot. they tested out "jersey shore." how do you feel about the show "jersey shore"? 11% favorability rating. >> money being given to them and money spent being spent to see how people feel about these turds. >> how dare you? >> is "jersey shore" good or bad for new jersey?
6:57 am
governme governor christie said bad. 54% agree with that. miss universe was crowned last night. we have a new miss universe, mika, it's exciting. it came down to mexico and jamaica. based on the reaction, who won? miss mexico was named something, jimena navarrette of guadalajara, mexico. >> he was judging a preliminary competition that happened a week ago and he's still there. why is he still in las vegas? >> because he knows when he comes back here he's a dead man and i'm going to fire him. >> apparently there are no barbers in las vegas. >> what did louis do there? >> he caught up with mr. trump himself last night. >> right. oh, wow.
6:58 am
>> mika, we asked her to be a judge and she's a little highfalutin. >> she is. >> joe was a little bit afraid of mika and willie said i don't care about either of them, i'm going to abe judge. i think he had the greatest week of his life, right? >> i was with him and i can honestly say, he did have the greatest week of his life. >> it's a great show i watch religiously. >> donald was talking about last year's miss usa. i don't like to brag, but i was a judge. >> impressed with you. >> really proud of yourself, aren't you? >> i feel pretty good about it. >> is louis coming back anytime soon? should we start taking his mail out there. >> again, when he comes back, his -- is grass and it rhymes. i'm serious. >> stay out there, my man. >> stay in vegas. >> for your own safety. >> there's nothing for you here. okay? >> richard haas, thank you, my friend. >> it's been real. >> we'll be right back.
6:59 am
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welcome back to "morning joe," top of the hour. 7:00 on the east coast, live look at new york city, a little foggy this morning. we've had a lot of rain here in new york. joining the conversation from washington, d.c., washington correspondent for bbc world america, world news america, katty kay. we have richard haas, mark
7:03 am
halperin, willie and me. joe a little under the weather. hopefully he'll be in later. a lot to talk about this morning, a lot of news. norah covering the races in florida, good primaries going on. but this conversation in fact, pull up the e-mail. we're going to explain. i understand, i do, why some people feel this way. but i think this has become a broader, bigger story. read the e-mail that you got, the one -- don't say the f-bomb. >> okay. brad in texas writes for the love of god, shut the "f" up about the mosque. move on. >> you've gotten a few of those. unfortunately we can't. because i think unfortunately, no matter what happens here, we have a problem. and i wish it was just a local story. i wish we were overblowing this, but let's go to our lead story, then we're going to show you a political ad that is incredibly troubling and disgraceful. and then talk about what it
7:04 am
means to the world community with richard. the imam behind the controversial islamic center near new york's ground zero is speaking out, defending islam as a religion of peace. in an interview with local media in bahrain, iman feisal abdul rauf talked about the hostility facing muslims around the world in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. the remarks from abdul rauf who has rarely spoken to the media, came while the imam is on a trip to the middle east sponsored by the u.s. state department. >> as a friend of mine said, the fact that you are getting this kind of attention is a sign of success. we have to strengthen our efforts, all of us have to work in this together. i'm grateful to president obama for his wonderful speech supporting our project. >> meanwhile, republican congressman ron paul weighing in, ripping into opponents of the religious center saying "this is all about hate and
7:05 am
islam-aphobia. we have an epidemic of sunshine patriots on both the right and left who are all for freedom as long as there's no controversy and there is nobody offended. political demagoguery rules when truth and liberty are ignored." so let's first talk about the politics of this, because there are some people preying upon this and using actually fear and hatred that may exist in some americans to promote their political campaigns. and that, we should talk about, i'm sorry, we should condemn, which we will, and then richard we'll talk about the implications around the world to this. first, halperin, i want to show you this ad by this young gentleman who is running for governor. i believe he had issues when he tried to run against hillary clinton for being kind of, i don't know, in over his head. he's now using this mosque controversy to try and win a primary. take a look at the ad and what
7:06 am
he says. >> new yorkers have been through enough. now a terrorist sympathizing imam wants to build a $100 million mosque near ground zero. where's this money coming from? who's really behind it? incredibly, andrew cuomo defends it, even though this imam said america was an accessory to 9/11. andrew cuomo is very, very wrong. >> that's enough. that's enough. we don't need to run the whole ad. we get the point. got to love the looming music. mark halperin, what's happening here? and then i have an op-ed. >> this is an extreme case of republican who is going in whole hog on this issue. i think what most republicans want to do, because they do recognize the political risk and have a sense of pro-pryty about the issue is to try to use it to feed this theme that president obama is indecisive, that he's not a strong leader, we don't know who he is. that is something they'd like to
7:07 am
use because it combines on their message with the economy where they're making the same case. i think the danger is not the politicians right now. rick lazio is an exception. it's talk radio and the internet where some of this stuff is being used in a way that is divisive. >> obviously he sees the potential this could work and talk radio and all these voices are feeding into what i -- it makes me very worried. >> it's a 70/30 issue in terms of whether people want that the thing moved or not. rick sees political advantage to talking about it and playing the ominous music and the imagery. that's the exception. most republicans are not going to use it as bluntly as lazio is. >> go ahead. >> he needs the attention. he's trailing by incredible margins. he has no money. he's getting attention for this. he had a previous ad that showed specific 9/11 imagery which was
7:08 am
condemned by new york firefighters and police units. >> he got what he wanted. he's getting a lot of attention. let me read from the "new york times." mr. lazio's bid for attention. mr. lazio who says the mosque is insensitive to the feelings of 9/11 victims had no shame about using images of the smoldering world trade center in a new political ad. we just showed you that. he blasts the imam behind the project, feisal abdul rauf, as a terrorist sympathizing imam. mr. rauf has a long history of urging tolerance. new yorkers have been through enough, they do not need mr. lazio or any other cynical politicians to exploit the pain of 9/11 to try and pick up votes. katty kay, do you agree that's what's going on, is he exploiting? and also perhaps feeding into ignorance, if i may. >> i think he is. i think anytime a politician uses those images of the world trade center burning you have to
7:09 am
be inge credibly careful. this is sensitive stuff. and when he says that the imam, imam rauf is somehow a terrorist sympathizer because he said that america's foreign policy is an accessory to terrorism against america, well, look, rand paul has said that america's foreign policy is in part responsible for terrorism against america. no one is calling rand paul a terrorist sympathizer. i think rick lazio is very behind in the polls. he's pretty desperate. he needs the attention. he's grabbing at everything he thinks he can get on this one. the worry for america here, by lumping all muslims in with extremisms, this really hurts america's own self-interest. the whole thing -- the main thing america needs to do, the kbats against terrorism, is to try to persuade wavering muslims that the path of religious tolerance is preferable to the path of religious intolerance. rick lazio, newt gingrich by doing exactly the same thing in
7:10 am
even more extreme language is defeating america's interests here. >> as katty says, this clearly is not a new york city issue anymore. the world is watching. and specifically people who want a story like this to confirm what they believe about america, this it is an anti-muslim country. >> this is not zoning. this is not domestic politics. this is a big story. how america treats its muslims echos around the arabs and muslim world. unless we can show tolerance or show that muslims have opportunities in this country that they don't have in their own, i don't see how we trigger the debate we want to see. at the end of the day, what the imam rauf and his wife want to do is come up with an american vision and version of islam that can go out there and compete, show that there is a future that's consistent with the koran. we ought to create a space in the united states where these people can, if you will, develop this more tolerant, open, modern version of islam. so then it gives the saudis and it gives the al qaeda types a run for their money. so it's important that what goes on here succeeds and they do
7:11 am
have space to do it and the story that gets transmitted overseas is not one of americans calling muslims names but rather muslims in america have opportunities that they don't have in other countries and they're entirely squint their own relidgen. >> can we go back to the e-mail that chris read, the viewer said we should stop talking about it. the problem is, the story has gone underground. it's not on the network news or the evening every night. it's not on the front page of the pape ares, yet people on this show get to hear richard's very reasonable statements about it, to counteract what's going on on talk radio on every day, rush limbaugh and talk radio and on the internet. so what often happens in these stories, talk radio starts it, migrates the old media. all sides get in, then it disappears from the old media but it continues below the radar. i think it's incredibly important for shows like this to talk about it in a way that just
7:12 am
doesn't have the disinformation and the hate. >> that's what we're about. i'm trying so hard to understand the facts on the other side of this issue. because for the first time in everything that we've ever discussed on this show, where perhaps i can evolve on an issue or joe might educate me or i might educate him or one of us, whatever, that's what we do. usually if the truth is somewhere in the middle and you learn more and you're better for it. >> i have to tell you, when i see and hear what the republicans have had to say on -- when it doms to kind of taking it to a vitriolic level, they are purposely damaging our society in order to gain politically. katty, do you disagree? >> you have to wonder if there's some of that going on, at least weather the effect of what they say does damage this society. america can be proud of the fact that it has one of the most
7:13 am
moderate and simulated muslim populations in the world. this is not france, which has banned the burqa or switzerland which has banned the building of new minarets. and muslims are extremely angry about that. muslims start hearing the talk that's come out of some public officials and some leading republicans and they start becoming morad callized. i think that is a real risk for this country. you want to try and protect your moderate muslim population. you've got to have outspoken public defenders, all moderate muslims and all muslims in general in america. where are they here? that's what i find alarming. as this debate has gone on and as marcus said, you're hearing this on talk radio, there are not very many outspoken public voices saying this is not acceptable. >> katty's exactly right. it's a nightmare for this country and this society if muslims are not fully
7:14 am
integrated. if we create a situation where they don't feel accepted and on the other side, americans don't feel they are, quote, unquote, true americans, that is the beginning of a social nightmare for american society. so this debate is a big issue that will have all sorts of ripple effects. muslim integration in america is critically important for the future of this country and as an example to other societies in the world. we have to make it work. >> we already are weakened economically and the downward mobility that we are experiencing right now, we're just -- we've got to change the path. >> the stakes are big here, actually. this is a big issue. this is an issue people are going to look back on if it does not turn out right. >> i appreciate the e-mail but i'm glad we did this. will incumbents make it through the day? chuck todd takes us inside today's big primary contests. also, he served as secretary of labor under president clinton, robert reich will be here. plus the controversy behind the most expensive public school ever built.
7:15 am
in a state where budget cuts are forcing teachers out of work. but first, bill karins with the latest on hurricane danielle. bill? >> reporter: we have a category 2 storm, 100 mile per hour winds in the middle of the atlantic. normally we'd be concerned. this forecast really appears simple and cut and dry. there's a bill cold front off the east coast that's providing the cold weather for new england. that's going to turn this storm out to sea. by sunday it could barely threaten bermuda. it looks like it will pass eastern bermuda. all of these things are different weather computers that predict where the storm is going to go. they're in excellent agreement. usually they're scattered out like spaghetti. the cool weather that's on the eastern seaboard, we can thank that hurricane. bring your umbrella with you. it's not going to rain all day. we still will see showers.
7:16 am
hot in texas, low 90s for dallas, chicago looking great, minneapolis is just fine. we have the primary going on down in florida. showers and storms likely on and off all day long. you're watching "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. on your next business trip, pack your marriott rewards visa card. get triple points every time you use your card at marriott. apply now and earn 22,500 bonus points when you use your card and enjoy a free night stay. so, before you know it, work time becomes well-deserved downtime. apply now at you've got staying power.
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7:19 am
this ended up being a very expensive campaign. were you surprised when you looked at the numbers and what it took to beat hayworth? >> no. >> here is mr. campaign finance reform who used to lecture us us about the evils of big money, spending $21 million trying to buy this election.
7:20 am
and the election is not going to be bought. the people of arizona are not going to be bought. i don't think they want a ridiculously expensive impersonation of a conservative. mr. mccain's $21 million con job, i believe they want a consistent conservative and that's why we're poised to make political history. >> okeydokey, confidence. joining us from washington, another very confident man. nbc news white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. he's also the co-host of "the daily rundown" which runs after "morning joe." chuck, really interesting race in arizona. looks like mccain's going to probably win, but at what cost? >> look, that's the thing. it costs financially $20 million. so much money, john mccain had to borrow from his presidential legal compliance fund. he used an extra $3.5 million that he had from '08 to spended on this race. there's a saying, it's called winning ugly and this is what
7:21 am
mccain has had to do. he's not going to break 60% today. you'll have some 40% of arizona republicans who have been consistently unhappy with john mccain for the last ten years, it's on immigration or actually before that, people forget on the issue of those bush tax cuts back when he wasn't in favor of them. i think the more fascinating thing is which john mccain comes back to washington, is it this consistent conservative he has been over the last couple of years and this consistent thorn in the side of president obama or is it the guy at the beginning of the decade that was unpredictable and you didn't know which side he was going to fall on an issue. mccain hates this idea that somehow he's changed but you can't help -- you just have to look at his voting record, and his score. he's an 80% to 85% voting conservative now. he was four or pfeiffer years ago a 55%, 60% voting conservative. >> that's the point j.d. hayworth is making, too, you're
7:22 am
electing one guy but a different guy will go to washington. kendrick meek going up against greene, it looks like meek is going to win. >> right. >> what happens if he skates through this race today, once he goes into the general? >> look, the biggest thing of kendrick meek is marco rubio. kendrick meek wins, the democratic establishment has to stick with kendrick meek publicly, president obama on down to every elected major democrat. they will have to appear with kendrick meek, rally around kendrick meek and send money down there. had jeff green won, you would have seen a flood of democrats supporting charlie crist, democrats for charlie crist would have popped up a lot sooner. that's still going to happen. it's kendrick meek versus charlie crist for these moderate democrats, sort of the central and north florida democrats and then you have marco rubio over there who has to peel off some independence from crist. more importantly if he just peels off about 60% of the
7:23 am
republican support charlie crist has been getting he should be able to win. but the more important part of this story, look, florida held up, we all know this, florida held up the country about who was going to be president for two months. charlie crist could hold up the country about who's going to control the senate for some two months. we don't know who he's going to caucus with if he wins. >> you have alaska, florida and others. >> and a duby. the ex-governor of vermont. >> in vermont no less. >> it's a small joint he runs there. >> stop it. you're better than this. >> please stop. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> nobody has more yards signs stolen. ryan duby has been running for lieutenant governor. his yard signs get stolen all the time and it's not by opponents. >> that's hysterical. >> it's by college kids. >> near the campus of the university of vermont, can you imagine?
7:24 am
>> yes. people have been predicting a bad year for incouple bentz and there are all sorts of narratives that play into the races. are they playing out? >> in the primaries, not really. look, right now, it looks like it will be a bad year for democrats. democrats have a lot of work to do in the next six weeks to turn this around. on the trajectory that republicans are on, this is going to be -- they're on their way to historical gains unless somehow the democrats flip this and flip the momentum because right now, it is ugly. when you really dig down, it's ugly in every region of the country. >> is that -- is that -- who's the -- >> yes. >> is that -- >> oh, it is. they don't spell it the same way. there's no china grove up there in burlington. that's okay. >> please stop. >> i think they call it the burlington -- i don't know. >> i'll wrap you up for yourself. saving you from yourself, chuck
7:25 am
todd, thanks. we'll see you on "the daily rundown," coming up right after "morning joe." i promise chuck will not have any dubeys before that. actually i can't make that promise. robert reich, next on "morning joe." ♪ listen to the music ♪
7:26 am
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i think that the people around the president have really misjudged what goes on elsewhere in the country other than washington, d.c. i don't think this is true of the president but do i think his people, his political people, have got to go out and spend time outside washington for a while. the average democrat is a progressive. >> welcome back to "morning joe." almost 30 past the hour. that was former dnc chairman howard dean, talking about how out of touch the obama administration is with progressives. joining us now, former secretary of labor and a public policy
7:30 am
professor at the university of california at berkeley, robert reich. professor reich is also the author of the upcoming book "aftershock: the next economy and america's future." in a recent interview with politico he said this, "what may be missing from the white house is a clear and convincing narrative in which all the various initiatives nearly fit, neatly fits, so the public can make sense of everything that's done." i wonder then, robert, if you agree with howard dean and what then the obama administration needs to do to connect the dots, especially after a week like the one we've just seen or so where you get polls like the ones that show such a striking number of people don't even know what his religion is. >> i think the most important thing right now, the only thing on people's minds is the economy and jobs. i don't fully understand why the president felt it necessary to
7:31 am
talk about a mosque or a muslim community center or even to go off and talk about health care or foreign policy or anything else. i mean, right now, between now and the midterms and i would say even beyond the midterms, the narrative, the story has got to be about how all of the things that the president has been doing and its administration have been doing, have been fighting against this tsunami of the great recession and this terrible economy. >> all right, katty kay, i want to ask if you agree, that in a way, all the different things happening now, the polls we're seei seeing, the mosque controversy, which we don't have to dive back into, but his position on it, all these things could play into a strong narrative as to who the person is, the person we saw during the campaign. >> i think the narrative that confuses some people is the back and forth, that americans don't tend to like, politician or president who is nuanced in that
7:32 am
way. they want clarity. bob, i think you're right. on the economy, clearly, that's all anybody is really talking about. i'm hearing from a surprising number of political scientists and economists that actually the only thing that the administration could have done was fought harder for a much bigger stimulus package. 1.5 trillion, say. the president wouldn't have ever got that, would he? >> no, fighting for it initially would have at least positioned him as the champion of getting demand going, getting jobs going. even if he couldn't get that, he at least could say, i'm going to continue to fight for it, i'm going to get jobs back. if nothing else works, i'm going to try for a kind of a new version of the wpa. i'm going to do whatever i can do in this office to get people jobs. there's nothing more important. and then when it comes to other initiatives, he could at least say that they are tied together, around the issue of protecting the public from corporations and
7:33 am
wall street that really do not have the public in mind. and he can do that. look at all the examples. you've got the bp, you've got all the egg farms right now, which are big agra businesses, you have the mine disaster, wall street and goldman sachs. this administration has taken on or should be taking on or should be perceived to be taking on massive amounts of corporate irresponsibility. >> all right. you brought up the egg recall, which i should ask you about. as former secretary ever labor, do you think this is being handled -- we're talking about at least one company, such a massive recall with the salmonella outbreak and we -- i guess we haven't seen the end of this yet. is it being handled effectively? >> look, a lot of this turns on a guy named jack decoster who i
7:34 am
came across 13 years ago. he had a big commercial egg farm in maine and he was treating his employees almost like animals. i had never seen kind of an agricultural sweatshop like that. we threw as much of a fine against him as we could, a few million dollars. many people in maine told me he would treat that as the cost of doing business. he was that irresponsible and subsequently, they have been proven right. since then, here's a guy who, whether it's the environment or animal abuse or it's environmental kind of despoilation or health and safety violations at the safety level, the state level, the local level, the federal level, basically he violates anything that stands in the way of making a profit. >> mark halperin? >> i want to ask you about one of the big remaining fights of whether the bush tax cuts should be extended. republicans are united in saying all the tax cuts should be extended.
7:35 am
you don't want to raise taxes on anybody in the midst of a recession. do you agree the democrats are on the defensive and if so, what should they do to try to win this fight politically? >> the idea that the democrats should be on the defensive on this issue within they are advancing the proposition that 98% of americans should have an extension of the bush tax cut and the only people who should not are in the top 2% and they shouldn't, because they don't spend their money. when they get a tax cut, they save it because they are wealthy enough to do that. this should be a position that almost everybody can get behind when we are trying to get the economy moving and also at the same time worried about long-term deficits. >> why are democrats losing the fight if it's so obvious to you? >> well, i think the democrats are just worried, they get intimidated every time somebody calls the end of the bush tax cuts for even the top 2%, a tax increase, the democrats get worried.
7:36 am
they don't want to appear to be against the rich. but, look, it is possible to say that people who are earning over $500,000 a year or even $250,000 a year, to go back to the klainen klai clinton tax regime, which was not onerous, the clinton years were pretty good, we've never seen an economy quite that good, that that's not the position to take with regard to the top 2%. the democrats do need, it seems to me, a lot of backbone on taxes on the rich. for years, the democrats have been -- i don't know whether it's because the rich supply so much corporate finance to the democrats, so many campaign -- so much campaign finance but the democrats do not stand up to the top 2%. >> why not? wouldn't now -- sorry. wouldn't now be a better time than ever, given the fact that people seem to really be connecting on the issue of the deficit?
7:37 am
and of balancing the budget and balancing out the numbers? they seem to care more than ever. polls will tell you that. why wouldn't they -- i you would even press republicans to the point of forcing them to explain how you'd pay for this. i mean, we have mitch mcconnell not answering it because he doesn't know. >> i'll tell you, every time i ask a republican or anybody at washington or anybody in congress who i come across how can you possibly justify giving a continuation of the bush tax break to people who are in the top 2% or 2.5% of the population when you've got this deficit, they don't have an answer. >> there is not an answer. >> i just get a shrug of the shoulders. the democrats should be on the attack on this one. >> even as you know, one of the republican arguments is that some of those people in that top 2% are small business owners, generators of most jobs in this country. is there some way that you could
7:38 am
argue that at least for the short term, raising taxes even on the wealthiest, if they are small business owners, is a bad idea. >> even the small business owners, 3% of small business owners earn over $250,000 a year and all you're doing sin creasing -- not really increasing, you're going back to the clinton tax regime for their income that is over $250,000. not -- we're talking about a marginal tax here. this is absurd that the democrats get dragged back into this. >> you worked for bill clinton in the white house and had a bit of a falling out with him but obviously respected his political abilities. having studied this president in office for his time there, is barack obama as good an explainer, as good a politician using the presidential stump on these tax issues as president clinton was? >> on the campaign trail, barack obama was not only eloquent, he was moving. he was able to connect the dots in a way that even bill clinton could not do. i frankly do not understand why
7:39 am
the president has not been as able as president to connect all of these dots, explain where america is, where it needs to go, why the republicans are basically -- simply, therefore, big corporations, wall street and the rich and stopping everything that the president wants to do that helps the rest of america. >> robert reich, thanks very much for being on the show. great discussion. >> thanks very much. coming up next, the debate near ground zero continues. wee talk to a major critic of the idea representing the 9/11 foundation. that's when "morning joe" continues. [ male announcer ] when you put everything you've got into it, have the accolades to prove it, and extend a 60-day handshake to honor it,
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7:43 am
a muslim had the gull to walk through the crowd. there he is wearing his islamic terror hat and his al qaeda cozy fleece pullover. luckily there were spl alert patriots who immediately shouted him down. and just listen to him to respond by spewing his muslim hate speech. >> i want no trouble. i'm not even a muslim. >> technically it turns out he's not a muslim. he's just a guy named kenny and he's one of the carpets building the new world trade center. >> all right. welcome back to "morning joe." the debate over the mosque near ground zero, the islamic center rages on. after this weekend's protests in new york city, which as you see from that clip got kind of ugly. here with us from america's 9/11
7:44 am
foundation, nick lishon. i've been clear about how i feel and how i'm struggling with the critics of the center being where it is planned to be. and i guess what i see is so different from what you see, for the good of our society, the good of our relationship between communities, i can't imagine it being moved now. why do you think it actually does need to be moved? >> it hasn't been too good for our country and relationship so far. in fact, quite to the contrary. i have to tell you, i'm not a fan opponent. we'll well based in our opinions because we're in contact with so
7:45 am
many many of the survivors from the world trade center and other 9/11 sites and with their family members, the survivors and with the first responders, especially. and i can tell you that the amount of anguish and pain and the agonizing difficulty that this has created for them, it hasn't been a good thing. and i don't think it will continue to be a good thing. we could have taken the low road, gone politically correct and said no comment because we are not a political organization. and i am not here to join america's 9/11 foundation into the fray. we exist primarily to honor the memory and the sacrifices of the victims and their families and the survivors from 9/11, not just the world trade center but in the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> all right. with due respect and sympathy to the families, the family members of victims and survivors, i just --
7:46 am
>> beyond that, our mission has gotten to be a great deal of first responders. >> and first responders, for sure. my first reaction when i first heard the headline to the story was, oh, wow, is this the right thing? ? with further looking at it, knowing there's a mosque at the pentagon, knowing there's another islamic center 12 blocks away, knowing what else is around ground zero, hearing the conversation and listening being ratcheted up politically and on the streets of new york, i just wonder now, though, if it would actually be detrimental to turn back. >> well, the thing is, life is full of compromises and certainly corporations and religious foundations and charitable foundations, we make compromises all the time to reach our ultimate goals. so i guess the question is what really is the goal of the mosque people. i mean, is the goal to create a tribute there to, you know, what happened?
7:47 am
i hope not. or is the goal to create a place of worship and a community center and to honor and respect people. >> that's the goal. from everything we heard, sir, with all due respect, that is the goal. >> why is it so critical to place it virtually right on top of the world trade center site. >> i honestly, from talking and listening to the people who have planning this and knowing the imam and having interviewed him, i truly believe and i could be wrong, but i believe they were blind sided by the response. because they have another center 12 blocks away. the pentagon -- >> i think 12 blocks away would make all the difference in the world. i think having it within the sight of the world trade center, imagine every year on the anniversary when the family members and the survivors who narrowly escaped with their lives come back to the world trade center for the annual memorial and they're looking at this 13-story grand mondayuality. how would that feel? how pain fuful would that be?
7:48 am
how painful is it now? many of the people at the protest were family members of the victims. the pain they were suffering was so great, so extreme, it was difficult to witness or speak with them. by the way, i want to set the record straight about something. i am not a protester. certainly america's 9/11 foundation is not protesting. we were down there but we were down there for an event that is an annual event for us that had been planned more than a year in advance we had, i don't know, 500, 600 american patriot motorcyclists that came down there. we put on an event over by the p.a.t. station an we carefully and skillfully using these wonderful motorcycle police escorts from around the country, we moved our people around the protest, so that we would not draw any media attention or draw attention to ourselves or that we would be misconstrued to be protesters. i heard media outlets that were building us up to have been
7:49 am
protesters. we polled our riders and they are definitely opposed to the location. >> nick, though, the question i have, i'll let mark halperin in in just a second -- >> sure. >> when you talk about every year on the anniversary of 9/11 people going down there and perhaps having to look at this center and be so reminded, what are you talking about? what are they being reminded of? are you kidding me? it's an islamic cultural center. what you're doing politefully and respectfully is promulgating ignorance about who these people are and what their center is and demonizing them. >> it seems like you're drawing me into the controversy. >> no. >> let's look to cordoba, spain. when people look at the mosque there, what does it symbolize. >> it's not what we're looking at near the site of 9/11, not even close. >> it symbolizes an islamic
7:50 am
victory that was held in great esteem for a very, very long time and it was marked and monumented by the a large mosque on the site that used to be a church where a massacre occurred. i think it is a very unhealthy parallel there and frightens me. >> whoa. >> i think that if they really wanted to be moderate and if they were considerate about what's most important here, it is the respect for the people that are most directly impacted by 9/11. i think that's what's important. i'm not talking about a constitutional right. anybody to buy and own property and follow building codes and such have a right to put up anything that they want. i would never argue that. i'm 100% supporter of the united states constitution. however, i think to almost all things that happen, there's an appropriateness and inappropriateness. this is absolutely and extremely inappropriate in its location only. not in the existence or the construction. >> i want you to focus if i could with our respect again to mika asked.
7:51 am
we all give deference to the families of the families of victims. there's no question of the first responders and the victims' families, their feelings need to be part of the debate and should be given a lot of deference. when you say looking at the building -- >> yeah. >> -- would be some sort of horror for them, try to enunciate what that means. as mika suggested, the only way that should trouble people is making a connection between the islamic faith and what happened on 9/11. otherwise i don't see where the pain comes -- >> it would remind them islamic terrorists that committed the murders against their loved ones and attempted murders of survivors. >> this is a center devoted to cultural understanding. to try to keep misunderstandings from happening in the future. not a celebration of what happened. not a consecration of the misuse of the muslim faith.
7:52 am
what is the pain people would feel? based on a misunderstanding. >> what you are saying, we would disagree, sir. i believe it is the opposite of what you are saying, then. i believe it is put there to be in close proximity to the world trade center to monumentalizing it. >> what do you base that on? >> history. >> specific individuals in this case. not in history but in the present day. >> you know, i guess i should correct myself. let me put it this way. the family members and survivors i spoke to perceive it that way. that's what i meant to be. i'm not a historical or political expert and on-air media person as you can tell, obviously. i have spoken to many, many of the family members and the survivors and i know that this is how it is perceived by them. could you change their minds? i really doubt it but i can tell you this. when i was a homicide detective and went to trial and the victims got on the stand an the victims had to relive the
7:53 am
experiences that they witnessed and the horrific experiences of feelings that they had in the loss of a loved one and such, they relived the entire event. that's what's happening here and right now. will certainly happen in f this mosque goes up there. not allowed. i don't think it's a question of allowing or not allowing. this is america and the conditions tuition is the law of the land. however, on behalf of the 9/11 foundation, we believe that it's extremely inappropriate location for exactly those reasons. >> we thank you for coming on the air and stating your position. >> could i say one more thing real quickly? >> sure. >> it is my understanding that joe did a lot of work and spoke out about extending the medical benefits for world trade first responders one of which i am and on behalf of the 9/11 foundation and first responders and people that worked at ground zero, i
7:54 am
have a medical card that says wtc and i believe in small part because of the vocal opinions and the encouragement of the u.s. congress to fund this by joe. so, i would like to pass over to him this item right here. this is a challenge coin from america's 9/11 foundation. i carried this in my pocket to all three crash sites. challenge coins awarded the people that earn membership in elite military organizations, carried with great pride throughout the service and throughout their life so i'm going to pass this one to joe in personal appreciation and appreciation for america's 9/11 foundation and thank you very much. >> nick, thank you very much. and we thank you for your service. we'll be right back. very box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills makes getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. i'm a member of this hotel's loyalty program. well, how far away is it? okay, we take a train 40 miles to a dude ranch
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8:02 am
it is the top of the hour and you're looking at a shot from the top of the rock. new york city. sun's up. might be a nice day after all. it's been rainy here. welcome back, everybody. i'm mika brzezinski. with us is dan senor and in washington for the "the washington post" and political analyst eugene robinson. in the new column, eugene takes aim at the right wing and the hysteria over the islamic center. joe will be here, too. he's hanging in there. george w. bush. isn't this a prime moment for him to come forward on this mosque issue?
8:03 am
>> and say what? >> are you kidding me? we are going to start like this? >> i mean, what should george w. bush say? i don't think -- i think there are two issues here. there's the national debate which you all have spent a lot of time talking about which i think has been overdone. >> uh-huh. >> meaning people amping it up are going too far. >> totally over the top. >> majority of new yorkers according to the quinnipiac poll, they do not get revved up based on what newt gingrich said, average new york city residents and in majorities opposed to the mosque. it is a local issue. and so, i think that the -- >> so unlike -- >> the former has overshadowed the local issue. i'm not sure what president bush would add to the discussion. >> unlike your boss who was here and thinks it has worldwide imply kagss and an important issue to take seriously getting a dangerous level, you think it's a local issue and that the
8:04 am
former president shouldn't take a stand and stand by president obama on what is right and wrong and all the different pieces of ignorance being thrown around and lashed out at this president to dirty him up and to make the conversation dangerous and base? >> well, look. all the issues being packaged together, i think, is ridiculous. some of the rhetoric on the mosque. this debate of whether or not president obama is a muslim. >> come on! >> but if you look at the totality of what president-elect obama said, over the few days he made the series of statements, i don't actually necessarily disagree. he said the mosque builder haves the right to build the mosque. doesn't mean it's a wise thing to do. >> i'm with you. >> just because they have the right to do doesn't mean it's a right thing to do. i think there's an opportunity for leaders at the local or national level to step forward, approach
8:05 am
the imam, the real estate developer and say, look, you want to promote a moderate progressive islam. you want to stoke an interfaith debate. you want to preach moderation. this is not advancing that goal. you are promoting a more divisive environment. >> who better, dan, who better than the man who was there on the scene after 9/11 with the bullhorn showing leadership being that one that you're talking about right now? >> look, if president bush were willing to make that statement, i think it would be good. it would be good for all leaders to make that statement and i hope michael bloomberg and govern paterson effectively made that statement. i think you could really send a message where leaders come together, work with the imam, clear regulatory hurdles, help raise money for lost time. and find them a new location. >> let me read from eugene's piece. this is amazing and adds to the conversation. right wing blinded by its own
8:06 am
hysteria, the faction that likes to portray itself as a bunch of john waynes and mama grizzlies that turns out spends an awful lot of time cowering in the corner and complaining of how beastly everyone else is being. do these people really have so little faith in our nation's strength, resilience and values? i hope this is all just cynical political calculation because there are genuine threats and challenges out there. we'll be better off meeting them with a spine, not a whine. eugene, i like it. try taking on dan senor for me. >> well, you know, look. president george w. bush went to the islamic center in washington as i recall after 9/11 to emphasize that our battle was with crazy, murderous terrorists
8:07 am
who attacked us in the name -- and had no idea that you can -- you can -- effectively turn that on the head and say, well, we believe that. but we believe this moderate project that doesn't a cite line to the ground zero site is somehow off limits. i just -- i don't get it. and i don't get -- i don't get why somebody who's thoughtful about these issues as you are and understands these issues as you do would take the position that the thing to do is somehow elbow the imam out and we'll find you another place. we think this is more suitable. >> this is reminding me reading your column this morning a bit like the health care debate. where i read one column after
8:08 am
another column after another column talking about how those terrible republicans were going to try to rob poor people from having health care coverage. and when those columns were written, it was moderate democrats and conservative democrats that were standing in the way. yes. we have talked many times here about how there's some shrill voices on the far right that are disturbing but at the same time the position that dan takes, that's a position that the united states majority leader from nevada one harry reid takes. it is also -- it is also -- i don't think it's that far from the position that the position of the united states president obama's taken. he is agnostic on this issue. make no mistake of it. this president is saying, i'm not weighing in. and that is his right. but certainly, you can't just say it's the crazy right wing republicans who are trying to drive this imam from his site.
8:09 am
it's 67% of americans and a lot of democrats are mixed up in that if it's a crazy goo, it is like neapolitan, baby. you got everybody in there. all three flavors. >> joe, you know, number one, i just happen to believe very strongly it is the wrong position. whether harry reid takes it or -- >> right. i'm just referring to -- hold on, gene, though. let's be clear. you are talking about crazy right wing republicans. i've been talking about crazy right wing republicans. i'm just suggesting that perhaps you expand your sample group. >> well, i'm really talking about those withhold demagogue this issue and those who have demagogued this issue like a newt gingrich and sarah palin. and if you read the column, i used it as one of several examples, i think, of recent
8:10 am
issues that they've treated this way. to kind of say to the american people, you're being victimized by this president, by the democrats, by the muslims, whoever. you're the victim. and, you are under attack. you should be resentful. you should be afraid. and i think it's a way of -- >> gene, how is that any different, because i made the mistake of turning on this network an in prime time last night and my head almost blew off. how is that any different from what democrats did to george w. bush from day one, from what republicans, i will say this, did to bill clinton from day one in 1992? i could read you the come lums that were written before george bush sworn in by "the washington post" reporters you talk about how george w. bush has no legitimacy.
8:11 am
that the poor american people victimized. karl rove stolen the grasps of lady liberty. it goes both ways. and i know people get pissed off at me when i talk about moral relativism but in this case it goes both ways. democrats tried to delegislatim barack obama. movies were coming out called "the assassination of george bush" and he got a bullet in the brain. >> joe, let me ask you this. why do you want to take social security away from our senior citizens? that's what i want to know. >> now, now you're acting like a good old democrat. >> no. >> i'm proud of you. i'm proud of you. >> obviously, it has gone both ways. the stakes are really high this time, joe. >> they were really high -- they were really high last time. they were really high when bill clinton was president.
8:12 am
when i tried to say here is we have to step back. and let me turn to dan. dan, i mean, here's my problem with the republicans. i know because i served there for eight years, you were there. you know how washington works. if george w. bush were president, he said this was okay, 99% of the hate speech going on out there wouldn't be said. newt gingrich would be saying this, i swear to god, he would say, well, you know, i'm a historian and history shows you that freedom of speech was in freedom of religion was actually founded in that same area and now some left wing socialists want to take away that right of freedom of speech. you know newt would. >> that's a good newt impersonation. >> but you know he would. it's like he's cheering for football teams. >> yeah. i keep -- >> it's depressing. >> you are right but i think makes this issue so complicated is not just palin and newt
8:13 am
versus obama or bloomberg. what you have mixed in here is a majority of new york city residents. >> right. >> who are mostly liberal. they voted overwhelmingly for barack obama and a majority of new york city residents uncomfortable with this mosque. efforts by some to just make it a black and white sort of cut and dry issue is -- it's just not accurate. it is much more multi-dimensional than that. >> are there talks going on between the sides? because it seems to me, if this imam would sit down and talk to the real heroes on 9/11, the microso firefighters, the police officers, bring in the survivors' families and have a -- i mean, i'm naive enough to be -- >> constructive? >> tolerance would win, right? is that happening? >> no, no. very little is happening. there's one group, there's a 9/11 survivors' group. there are several of these groups but one of them, a smaller group which has been against the war in afghanistan,
8:14 am
came out against the war against afghanistan and the war in iraq, small group. the daisy khan, the wife of the imam reached out to that group. other than that, there's not major outreach. in fact, if you look at the roll-out of this mosque, the cordoba initiative, they didn't do serious sort of pre-educating, pre-informing, pre-reach out before the news popped. >> by the way, mark halperin, if you are going to put an islamic cultural center two, three blocks from the world trade center, you better be ready. like you said3
8:15 am
late. >> but if they want to change, they need to start now. they need to hire a real public relations firm. that's a reality of the modern world and need to reach out to people whose objections can be addressed, i think, if they're dealt with in a serious and forthright way. >> you listen to dan. we talked about karen hughes the other day. there are leaders. willie, do you think it's gone too far? you know what, i mean, seriously, i always think there's a deal to be made. why? because there always is. >> the argument that they would make is this is still the idea, not raised any money for it. we weren't prepared for the onslaught of attention, controversy. i think if they sit down at a
8:16 am
table with 9/11 groups, sit down with the guy like we had on a moment ago -- >> he is great, isn't he? >> this can be rescued. >> i was in touch with a gentleman in dubai close to the saudis late last week. he said there's no way this guy the imam will raise the money he needs and not certainly in the u.s. but not the persian gulf either because a number of the leaders who have the resources don't want to touch this thing. it's become so controversial. so if i had to predict right now, it is not going to get built. >> well, or that brings, mika, that actually may bring them out to talk and have a dialogue and say to the 9/11 families, what can we build? because this is going to be a community center, right? >> yes. >> 92nd y, if there's a history, 92nd street y would be inclusive, bring people in. say we hurt you. how do we keep the memory of
8:17 am
your families alive? bring it inside there. and but there has to be a reach out. we all agree on that. >> how many bake sales does it take to raise $100 million? >> i don't know. >> a lot of brownies. >> a lot. >> eugene, thank you. a great column, as well. a look at the top stories and the politico playbook. two years after the run for president, today john mccain is fighting to keep the senate seat. we'll bring in analyst charlie cook. also, nbc's kelly o'donnell following the race live from arizona. first, bill karins on hurricane danielle. >> 100-mile-per-hour winds. this is a serious hurricane. we don't want them to hit land. here's the bottom line with the storm. located way out in the atlantic. high pressure to the north steers it but then the cold front off the coast turns it away. we can thank the cool air across the country. that should give us a break from
8:18 am
the storm. notice a major hurricane through thursday. just brushing to the east of bermuda by the week. that's a look at how the storm is going to play out. forecastwise, no big delays at the airports. temperatures chilly in the northeast. look at boston 63 degrees. it's cloudy. there's showers heading for new york city. they'll arrive probably in the next half hour or so and that's the forecast today. not a lot of heavy rain. showery weather. very chilly d.c. to boston. hot weather in the out west, record highs in san francisco today. also, seeing temperatures right around 100 once again in texas. by the way, the last day of significant heat in texas. you deserve a break yourselves. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
all right. let's see this doomsday machine. oh my god! they have ghosts. we're all going to -- oh, oh, it's a missile drone. it's kind of cheap looking, actually. i wonder how many box tops did they have to mail in to get that? by the way, who unveils a new death from above weapon by actually pulling a sheet off it? it's not showcase showdown. look at this. confetti. some painted clouds. you have an enormous hand stamp. like mahmoud ahmadinejad is a notary for giants. or he's extremely tiny.
8:23 am
>> oh my gosh. it is really bizarre. the confetti and the ambassador of death. is what it's called. >> creepy. >> the whole thing. take a look -- much more than that. take a look at the morning papers. "the washington tiles." challengers try to capital on anti-incumbent sentiment. in alaska, arizona and florida. and "the boston globe." mitt romney's preparing to embark on an aggressive schedule to more than 25 states and what seemed to be a scene of prelude to another white house bid. >> "the atlanta journal-constitution." shirley sherrod will meet with secretary vilsack for the first time since he called for her resignation a month ago. awkward. considering whether to accept a new job in the agency. >> "the usa today," is the
8:24 am
seafood safe? opening of shrimp season last week marked a milestone for the gulf but concerns remain for oil and decembisperse sants. >> the sale of whole bagels is not subject to sales tax but stores are required to add the tax if the bagel is sliced. or prepared with cream cheese. >> like a parody. >> serious? >> seriously. >> i'm going on chambers my bagel shop. >> don't get it sliced. seriously. good view of what's wrong with new york. >> it really is. >> they tax everything. >> a sliced bagel. >> everything. >> cream cheese? >> we don't understand why we have high unemployment. we don't understand why businesses won't come here anymore. >> people are moving out. >> business is gone. >> did you slice that bagel? >> cream cheese on it, too. >> big story today in
8:25 am
charleston, west virginia, due to a quirky state law much like the quirky bagel law in new york, byrd's senate seat. alcohol sales halted statewide on saturday. please plan accordingly. willie geist? >> i will. john harris with a look at the morning playbook. >> hey, willie. >> john boehner, big economic speech at this hour. trying to frame the tax debate. some people say it's a measuring the drapes measure. >> democrats say he wasn't just measuring the drapes but that he's smoking the drapes. there's been the anticipation or at least for some of us. i know you have been busy on the not been following this as closely. john boehner giving the speech as we speak.
8:26 am
the embargo lifted at 8:00. the news is calling for president obama to sack his economic team, treasury secretary geithner and larry summers in the white house says these guys have to go. the thrust of the speech is really more an indictment of obama than it is sort of unveiling a dramatic, new economic plan that republicans are offering so i think that is kind of a window into republican strategy. it is really more to run against obama as opposed to sort of laying out an expansive agenda of the sort that republicans did in 1994, for example. >> he does talk about extending the bush tax cuts. correct? >> that's right. he says that they have to be extended and warning that democrats may try to kill the tax cuts in that interim between the november election and the new congress coming into power on january. >> as you said, john, minority speaker boehner speaking asking
8:27 am
that obama's economic team resign in total. thanks so much. checking you out today. >> i tell you what, the tax issue, too. one of the reasons these mosque issues, there's one of these every three weeks, two to three weeks. shirley sherrod. i'm a small government conservative. i see the past two years lining up perfectly for people who believe like me. that less government, balanced budgets, less taxes, more economic freedom creates economic growth. i think we have a line -- a lining up on these issues in a way that -- they haven't been lined up since 1980. you have barack obama and democrats saying we need to raise the tax rate up about 4%, 5%. you have republicans saying, well, i'm not sure what the republicans are saying but conservatives are saying, you know what? we have to work towards balancing the budget. we have to spend less. we have to tax less. we got to help small businesses grow the economy. on the other side, you have got democrats saying, no, we need to
8:28 am
tax more. we need more money into washington. more stimulus so we can put through more bureaucracies. and hope that the next stimulus package will work. i'm very, very confident overwhelming majority of americans support the position i support. economics. >> if the agenda is job creation you can't but conclude this agenda is on the right side of things. thank you for calling usa prime credit. my name
8:29 am
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welcome back to "morning joe." 31 past the hour. live look at the white house and washington, d.c. this morning. vice president joe biden pledging a, quote, long term relationship with iraq even after all u.s. forces leave the country next year. speaking to a veterans group yesterday, biden said the obama administration is committed to a deadline of summer 2011 for final troop withdrawal. >> we are not leaving in 2011. we are beginning the transition and why the date? the date is important to make -- as important to the iraqis because we wanted to make clear to them, they must step up! they must, they must exercise sovereignty. if they're ever going to prevail. meanwhile, the number of u.s. troops in iraq has fallen
8:33 am
below 50,000 for the first time since the 2000 u.s.-led invasion. the u.s. military said this morning that american forces will no longer conduct combat operations in the country but train iraqi troops. official transition to "operation new dawn" will happen at the end of the month. >> i see that as great news. we rebuild our readiness. we have a lot of other threats across the globe. let me ask you, dan. really quickly, dan senor, what we won't always have a footprint? >> yes. >> in iraq. >> yes. >> we'll remove our troops but even the iraqis who are beg us to stay, a lot of them will want us to have maybe a gitmo-type base with a presence and if there's ever problems, we're there to help. >> and this whole distinction which is really a distinction without a difference of combat brigades and noncombat brigades is sort of absurd. you can flip the switch easily. if you have troops with technical assistance or training
8:34 am
iraqis, if we need to quickly mobilize them into combat positions, they have the capacity to do it. >> we have this many troops in germany right now, by the way. 55, 60 years after the war. >> one more story here. rescue crews in chile trying to keep trapped miners alive. rescuers are passing food and other supplies down to the miners who have been trapped almost three weeks before now. they survived on just two spoonfuls of tuna, a sip of milk and a biscuit every 48 hours. that is expected to take -- >> wait. that's what you eat. >> now stop. i'm doing a food jog for "new york" magazine. bless you. it's expected to take four months to get them out. >> wow. >> this is just all awkward. >> yeah. >> okay. john mccain under fire in arizona. let's pretend this all didn't happen. >> yeah. >> john mccain in arizona spending big bucks for the fifth
8:35 am
term. the political roundtable is next on "morning joe." over a thousand people a day switch to chevrolet. let's find out why. this malibu is sharp, has great mileage and offers onstar. the hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty caught my attention. it's the chevrolet summer event, which means the only thing left to decide is who drives it home. me! her. me! qualified lessees now get a low mileage lease on this malibu ls, a consumers digest best buy, for around $199 a month. call for details. the switch begins at
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8:38 am
this ended up being a very expensive campaign. were you surprised when you looked at the numbers? >> no. >> okay. great. thanks. >> thanks. good to see you. >> here is mr. campaign finance reform who used to lecture us about the evils of big money spending $21 million trying to buy this election. and the election is not going to be bought. the people of arizona are not going to be bought. i don't think they want a ridiculously expensive impersonation of a conservative. mr. mccain's $21 million con-job. i believe they want a consistent conservative and why we're poised to make political history. >> welcome back. joining us now for the political roundtable, charlie cook and in phoenix nbc news capitol hill
8:39 am
correspondent kelly o'donnell. >> charlie cook, looking at the numbers. jd hayworth says he's poised to make political history. would that as a footnote as a man that lost to a candidate with $21 million? that's making history. >> if he won it sure as hell would be political history. but, you know, jd's always fun to watch. i remember when he was a congressional candidate. he said, you know, if two teenagers could reproduce in the backseat of a car, why do spotted owls need a thousand acres a piece? the guy is always entertaining. mccain running a fabulous campaign. if you have a political survivor show this year, you put john mccain and harry reid as the first two contestants. >> mccain is right and people in washington, d.c. that are wondering what happened to the man. >> it's called the survivor instinct. >> yeah. okay.
8:40 am
>> great. >> i need one of those. let's go to phoenix. kelly o'donnell is there. kelly, is it considered an fete dicompli that john mccain wins and starts the sixth term? >> reporter: it is interesting. i was here back in the early part of the year, spent time with j.d. hayworth and mccain. hayworth, you got a sense of the personality from the clip you played. he had very big hopes for this race. and he had been doing a radio talk show host kind of gig and he had used that to pummel mccain on the air waves talking about his signature issue, the claim that mccain for amnesty and that hayworth would not. things changed. mccain run a very aggressive campaign. i talked to mccain about the money he's spent. he said they looked at what they thought they needed to win and they were willing to spend it. and what he has spent has been that more than $20 million to be on tv consistently for many months now, with many different
8:41 am
ads that have hammered hayworth accusing him of not being so fiscally conservative as he portrays himself as and really the devastating thing in this campaign came when the mccain people found a 2007 tv infomercial in which hayworth was sort of the voice of authority appearing in that. it was shortly after he was voted out of congress. he served six terms. ró i
8:42 am
. ró i >> when you see these guys coming in and spending $60 million between them, it sure gives you an incentive to say, gosh, there's got to be some way to address this because, you know, we are just sort of seeing all over the country incredibly rich people parachuting in and swamping all of their rivals in spending and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but, boy, doesn't make far level playing field. >> okay. may not. but kelly o'donnell, what are you hearing on the ground out there? just about the money issue and the hypocrisy when it comes to john mccain, is that going to
8:43 am
chip away with him whether he does win or not? >> reporter: i talked to him about that. he makes a distinction the work on campaign reform finance about keeping soft money out. there was no soft money. the donors were identifiable. part of the money from the war chest leftover in the presidential race because as you remember he did stay within the financing limits spending $84 million in the end there. he did not use the free kind of spending that the obama campaign did so he says he has that money left over and got donations. from mccain's point of view he said this is completely consistent and he says on immigration he wants more focus on the border saying there's more violence there and the constituents much more concerned about that than they were a few
8:44 am
years ago. >> charlie, ten seconds. you think so quickly. ten seconds or less. how does the how go this fall if the elections were held today? >> i think the house goes republican. i think the senate probably come up a little short in democrats hold on by their fingernails. >> charlie cook, kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. the downfall of the music industry. the story next. [ engine turns over ] [ armstrong ] in 20 years of cycling, even when i was ahead, i was always behind. ♪ behind cars... behind trucks... behind those guys... tailpipe... [ clucking ] ...after tailpipe after tailpipe... [ engines rev ] ...until now. ♪ the 100% electric... no-tailpipe nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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now for the summer book series and a look at the downfall of the music industry with former editor of "rolling stone" magazine, fred goodman. "fortune's fool" a title that "the new york times" andrew ross sorkin took issue with. >> this is about doing with warner music and strangely i think he comes off actually much better in this book than the title necessarily reflects. no? >> first of all, you know, i think people have seen edgar as a guy who has a fortune and, you know, used it foolishly. >> but that is the wrap on him, though? >> that is. >> mocking him for years. >> well, andrew ross sorkin hung
8:49 am
him as "wall street journal's" best whipping boy. there's things in the past that's been criticized for and really. so that was the attraction to him, i felt i wanted to see a company that was going the try and do something about the probables facing the record industry. and because of edgar's reputation problem, i felt he was the most motivated person when he bought the warner music group to go in and try to face the issues of the record industry. >> why did the record industry react so damn slowly? i remember after napster, '98, '99, 2000, the warning signs were there. people said you're going to be a dinosaur. you need to adapt. you need to sell online. they dragged their feet. apple filled the void. >> it is a complicated answer to a complicated question and there's part of it is that the company is not, you know, record executives really know how to find talent, promote it and market it. and they're rewarded for chart
8:50 am
success, market share. no one paid a dime to think about where's this industry going. and none of them have any technology background. >> it is funny. i was talking to my son who absolutely loves music. joey, this is back like it was in the 1960s where you would have these bands, they would go into a studio. it is like the wonders. they would create a single. offbrand. radio station picks it up and then suddenly they go around the country tour. that all changed, became very corporate. you know? you have the album. you sell the album. you sell the cds. but now, it seems like we're back to where we were in the '60s, a band can sell over the internet now and, again, selling singles instead of albums. >> you can sell over the internet. the question is can you really have a sustained career? the only band that i look at that broke on the internet having a sustained career is vampire weekend. >> right. >> and the thing that they did breaking on an african music website, nobody could replicate that.
8:51 am
everybody's trying to invent the wheel and there aren't any gatekeepers. >> right. >> you know? i mean, when i started following music, the only place to read about a record was "rolling stone" so it was important for tom don ahue in san francisco playing the records was important. >> now you have got the pitch forks, spin, "rolling stone." >> hard to find the bands that "pitch fork" broke or "hype machine" broke. you are waiting for something to gel and it hasn't so where it's going is very hard to say. >> it is coming, right? >> it is but it's tough times i think both for the record industry and for musicians. because they can't make money. >> distribution, as well. very interesting when we were all growing up except for andrew still growing up, we would all go to the mall, buy an album there and take it home, listen to it. and distribution. you had huge trucks taking huge shipments.
8:52 am
now, we do it over the internet. but also, fascinating, we are, you know, we have a partnership with starbucks. but it's a reality. starbucks, if they decide to put a cd of barbra streisand in the store, it goes number one. the distribution points changed dramatically. >> it tells you how few cds are being sold. biggest selling record in this country was a christmas record by josh groban. >> yeah. >> you know, what's it tell you? people left buying cds are not music mavens. >> so what is the future? fred, you have looked into the crystal ball. >> you know, i really -- >> you are no fortune's fool. what is the future of the record industry? >> the future of the record industry is a slow, long rebuilding based on finding something that people value and want to own. >> i'm going back to the lessons
8:53 am
of the media industry. what does it say about the tv business and print business? what would you do looking that the example of the music industry thinking it could happen to us? >> i would say don't give it away. second thing i would say is, carefully evaluate a lot of options and explore them. find people who you feel you can do business with. it's fascinating. you know, "the new york times" has come to edgar. tell us what your experiences have been. he gets that a lot. you know, the record industry has had the worst of it. that's the first industry really hit by the internet. and frankly, i think they'll be hit the worse. newspapers reinvent themselves every day. you know, people are i think like books, the product of a book more than cds and it was an unloved product and easy to let go of. i think they have been hurt the worst that anybody's going to get hurt. >> i want to clarify. the title is "fortune's fool" and when i got this book across
8:54 am
my desk, i thought it was story of jerry levin, takes an amazing company and almost destroys it. that's not the case here. let's underline the big point. this guy is held steady for four years in the worst business climate possible for his industry. >> totally agree. >> impossible. >> he's done a very good job in a terrible marketplace. >> fred, thank you so much. fred goodman, "fortune's fool." we'll be right back. listen up, people, volkswagen is at it again
8:55 am
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8:58 am
when they started putting their case on in less than six weeks rested, my lawyer said, hold on a minute. like we said, there was no crime here and they didn't prove a crime. there's no corruption and, therefore, you need to think about resting the case. >> i would like to see you as a dickens character. i would like to see you as a victim. but you make it so hard. >> yeah. >> to take your side completely. >> i understand. >> by not doing that. >> i'll have a chance again in the next trial. what do you want me to say? >> you are saying to me, don't
8:59 am
worry. they'll try me again and that time -- >> well -- >> i'm really going to get up there. >> i mean, this time he is going to be pip. right? >> yeah. >> a good character, pip. >> st. blago. >> you know what i learned, joe? after tonight we could have a democratic senate nominee in florida whose best man was mike tyson at his wedding. that's big. >> that's special. something to embrace. mark? >> i learned that willie's more like miss haversham than i ever imagined. >> dan? >> i learned that mika believes when it comes to bridge builders, it is not the imam. it is george w. bush. >> yes. >> she thinks bush could bring the country together like a mandela-type of figure. >> i wish he would. >> you have to speak at the george w. bush museum. >> i wish we could hear it from him. >> dan? >> pass that

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